2007-08-21 00:50:28 ET
I just realized I can tag MySpace messages from Tom as spam. Conceivably I could bring the whole site down from the inside.

 It's hot and we shot a movie.    2007-08-17 14:15:46 ET
Thus die I, thus, thus, thus.
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     2007-08-10 13:34:38 ET
As the sun pulls away from port and our boat sinks slowly in the west, we bid adieu to the former Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc. But seriously folks, I'm out of summer school. It was a great class, but I need a break. I'm recuperating after spending an all-nighter writing a paper on Stalin. So it's a week of doing nothing, and then back to school I go.

     2007-08-05 21:34:26 ET
Even if you love crappy movies as much as I do, at all costs avoid "Heartbeeps." I can't stress this enough.

     2007-07-30 00:38:25 ET
You were one of my favorites, Ingmar Bergman. You will be missed.

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