New stuff..    2010-06-25 19:22:07 ET
Moving into a new apartment. Its much bigger. :) It is right next door to the one I already live in.


 :)    2010-06-23 12:05:38 ET
I get moved into Goodwill's Ebay department full time come July. It has just been a very busy month overall.

 update fun    2010-05-29 20:38:43 ET
been doing the said new job in the last entry for the past couple weeks. been loving it. i don't like getting up at 5:30am, but oh well, its worth it. just wish i had more time to myself. :)

 Updated.    2010-05-14 23:35:20 ET
I start that new job i talked about in my previous entry monday (not saturday). I am exited about it, but overly still rather unhappy since I am still working for Goodwill. I feel rather unhappy for some reason.

 Update..    2010-05-09 15:22:18 ET
I start a new job next Saturday working in Goodwill's Ebay department. i will be describing items and taking pictures of them and putting them up on their ebay website. Its alot more money per hour and it has no customer service whatsoever.

Yay for me. :)

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