Week so far.    2010-04-30 20:59:00 ET
One of my laptops broke, so I am using my Compaq Armada 7800 until I get a new one. (thats not so bad, I have an additional laptop and a desktop). Also, I just downloaded D Trance 50. Fucking great album. Download it and check it out.
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 Movie fun.    2010-04-20 23:58:31 ET
Just got back from watching "Kick Ass". It was Kick Ass. :)

 My Day.    2010-04-05 17:52:08 ET
I saw "Clash Of The Titans" today. It was a fun movie. had a good time. I also updated my website. icemoongraphics.com. Finished a new poster for the Vogue as well. Going to work on some course stuff tonight as well.

 Back in Seattle.    2010-04-02 06:55:50 ET
I had a nice time in Montana, seeing family and friends. Being in Missoula again, though, just reminded me of why I left. Cold, little culture, lots and lots of ignorant douches (mullets, rat tails, sweatpants, alot of jocks and douchebags in general.) no jobs, Crappy nightlife, brown and dry most of the year (except for winter, then its cold and snowy). I was gone for over 2 years, I come back, I have not missed a beat.

That place is stuck on "SUCK".

Thank god I am back in Seattle.


 I am in Montana.    2010-03-29 08:00:06 ET
I have been here since wednesday. I have seen alot of my old freinds. Overall so far I have had a good time down here. However, I will be glad to get back into Seattle.
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