I will be..    2010-03-19 07:47:31 ET
In Montana for 7 days come Wednesday.

 Lates of everything.    2010-03-15 14:15:13 ET
PC repair course I have been taking is going well. I leave for Montana in 9 days. I will be there for a week.

Finished a new poster for the Vogue.

poster (c) 2010 Ice Moon Graphics

 Shutter Island.    2010-03-08 22:24:18 ET
I saw Shutter Island today, interesting movie. :) go check it out if you can.

 updated my blog.    2010-02-22 18:31:03 ET
Email Scams

Posted some awesome new scams I got in my inbox the other day. :) they are awesome.
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 New things...    2010-02-21 21:15:58 ET
Signed up to take a course for PC maintenance and repair. PC hardware is something I have always have had a passion for, and I have done PC repair as a hobby for years. I figure I might as well get certified in it.

Also, I designed a new poster for the Vogue. They loved it. Went to the Vogue last night as well. T'was a blast. :)

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