valentine's day.    2010-02-15 21:37:25 ET
Saw the movie "Wolfman" for it. nothing says "Happy valentine's day" like seeing a bunch of people getting ripped apart by werewolves. >:)
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 Be Here Tuesday.    2010-02-15 08:56:32 ET

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 What is wrong with this picture?    2010-02-01 21:06:27 ET
Went to the Westlake center in Downtown Seattle today to get an ORCA card , since by the end of the month, Seattle will require the ORCA card to use the transit system. Well, I went there expecting the Westlake ticket center to be closed, as it always has been every other time I went there. To my surprise, It was open!! Lucky me, Otherwise it would have been another trip to the Metro Transit headquarters, and waiting in line there is almost an exercise in futility.

WOW!! Westlake center was actually OPEN!!

 Club Vogue.    2010-01-31 23:11:26 ET
Finished a new poster for the Vogue They loved the way it turned out, as did I. Kinda looks avatar-ish, but oh well. :)

poster (c) 2010 Ice Moon Graphics

 Movies and all that.    2010-01-29 18:49:12 ET
Just returned from seeing "The Book Of Eli". It is really, really good. Check it out if you can. :)

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