Be here Saturday.    2008-07-05 12:55:02 ET
It is all kinds of awesome...

Poster created by Ice Moon Graphics

 Boredom..    2008-07-04 21:25:52 ET
I should get out and do more, and meet more people.
If anyone feels like hitting me up, let me know.
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 Vogue Night...    2008-07-01 07:39:54 ET
You should go, Its good for you...

The Vogue really liked my work, I am now designing Posters for them.

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 I Feel.....    2008-06-27 21:52:59 ET
Like a shapeless lump of nothingness, provided nothingness had a shape...Well, I don't really feel like that, but I AM very bored. I can't wait untill tomorrow, and I am really looking forward to next week.
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 Need Posters / Flyers Designed?    2008-06-26 19:05:27 ET
Shameless Self-Promotion, but hey.....

I am a Freelance Graphic Artist with alot of experience in Poster and Flyer design. My rates are unbeatable, and I will design you eye-catching and effective posters and flyers. If you are interested contact me via myspace at or email me at


Or contact me here on SK.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Some past examples.

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