Ocean of Motion at the Mercury.    2008-06-05 19:11:39 ET
Come Here!! Its good for what ails you!!!


 woohoo!!    2008-05-28 20:16:11 ET
i am in seattle now...=)

 Seattle...    2008-05-20 12:09:53 ET
I will be moving to Seattle come Sunday. I look forward to meeting new people and exiting new opportunities Seattle has to offer.

Two nights ago a bunch of friends threw me a going away party, it was very nice of them to do that for me, and I am really thankful to have friends that would do that for me.


 Dark Dreams: Naughty Goths    2008-05-09 23:39:09 ET
Go and Indulge in some vice here. Its good for what ails you.

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 Le Mars, Iowa.    2008-05-01 12:26:07 ET
Vicki's blood sugar bottomed out on the bus last night. The bus driver called the paramedics, and they were able to come within 2 minutes and they helped her out. It was a rather stressful night last night. The hospital staff here was very polite, and very kind. They got us a hotel room, and were more the helpful in every way. The hotel staff has been very good to us as well. Every one in Le Mars, Iowa, has been very courteous, and very kind to us. So thank you to everyone in Le Mars for your kindness and generosity.

Le Mars is also the ice cream capital of the world.
Le Mars, Iowa

Well, in spite of this bump in our trip, things are going well. Vicki was able to be released last night, after they got her blood sugar back up. Her parents picked up our luggage in Wichita, and we should be there around 11 in the morning Friday.

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