Liquid Planet.    2008-02-03 14:58:12 ET
Here is a picture I made a couple of nights ago while sitting at Finnegan's drinking tea. (Green tea, Raspberry, and Earl Grey.}(I'm a tea whore I know it!! =D) It is of a planetscape as viewed several hundred miles above the surface of an earthlike world.
In a way I think it looks very peaceful. Tell me what you think.

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 New Stuff..    2008-01-28 00:31:29 ET
As of late I have been trying to figure out a way to render a realistic looking Starscape / Supernova using GIMP. I figured out a way, and I think it looks pretty nice. tell me what you think. =)


 Brrr..    2008-01-21 19:43:51 ET

It was -11 last night. I hope this cold really does end soon.
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 DayDreaming....    2008-01-17 02:06:57 ET
I made this picture tonight, It is similar to a dream I had last night in where I was flying to some mysterious island....I wish I could see it.
See more at

 happy new year..    2008-01-01 11:47:31 ET
Happy New Year everybody!!! =)

I hope all of your new year's eve celebrations were as fun as mine.


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