wow...    2007-12-07 02:02:15 ET
Vicki (my girlfriend) has to do a 16 hour shift at the rest home she works at. She went in at 2PM Thursday. She gets off at 7AM. Come 2PM today, she has to go in and do another 16 hour shift.

Why is She doing this do you ask? She seems to be the only girl who works there who didn't get knocked up by the time She was 21. She got screwed over by the people She works with. What is it with the majority of people and their desire to rush out and pop out a bunch of kids when they are 20 or so...? I'm so glad I don't have any.

 huzzah!!    2007-12-02 21:40:00 ET
I updated my website !!!!!
Now you can buy posters of past events off it it.

Well, I have a meeting tomorrow concerning t-shirts I designed for dark dreams and auralfixation, and from what I have heard so far, response is good and there is more in store for me as far as that goes.

I also finished a poster for Dark Dreams 7. I look forward to it. =)

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 Day of the Dead Dance    2007-10-19 22:54:20 ET
There is a Day of ther Dead Dance at Club Q November 2nd. I finished the posters and sent them in 2 days ago. Check out the Dance. Be there.

Check out other posters I have done at

 DJ Erastaroth CD album cover.    2007-08-29 00:25:06 ET
I finished this cd cover for DJ Erastaroth

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 Dark Dreams 6    2007-08-13 05:08:00 ET
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