rawr    2007-07-10 19:45:24 ET
I got to get out of here, im going crazy here. at least there is an industrial show tonight at the palace. im going to go there soon.

     2007-06-10 02:51:26 ET

 icemoon graphics.    2007-04-02 17:09:09 ET

this is my graphic design business!!!! i hope you all enjoy the site. im doing stuff all the time, and i will add more examples soon. if u need my assistance in graphic stuff, dont hesitate to contact me. :)

 yAY    2007-03-16 00:05:58 ET
I won $250 tonite off of $5. second time this month. im on a roll :)

 weirdness, but such is my life.    2007-03-07 21:10:41 ET
I have been bothered by some real interesting, detailed and very vivid dreams lately. I will oftentimes remember them for like a half hour after I wake up, and then I forget them (for the most part). All I know off the top of my head is that they have been in vivid color, extremely detailed, and they are either very scary or they make no sense whatsoever.

I wish I could remember more about them. I have been wondering what they mean. I should start writing my dreams down. maybe when I start writing them down, I can buy a book on dream interpretation and try to figure out what they mean. :)

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