:)    2007-02-20 19:44:53 ET
what a completly boring day. i didnt do anything of interest. i just havn't updated my blog in a long time. :) so here ya go.
im eating pringles and drinking "el cheapo" gas station cappuchino.

i hope ur nights more exiting than mine. :P

     2006-12-30 20:58:09 ET

My website is done!!! not many designs and stuff on it yet, but i am working on that.


 my business    2006-12-22 01:17:21 ET


my websites almost done. ive spent over a month so far editing it, making look just right and all that. just gotta add the paypal stuff, and then add more stationery and art prints.


 new pics    2006-12-05 01:34:28 ET
new pics in my photo area.:)

 November in Review.    2006-12-05 00:56:47 ET
Ahh yes, its that time once again. November overall was a really good month for me, and december is going good as well. I am happy.

I feel alot better about myself physically emotionally, and spiritually. I have acomplished alot. New freinds, forging stronger ties with old frreinds, and having alot more self-worth are key to all of this. I have also purchased a domain name for my stationery business. I am currently working on the website. It will be up soon. *warm fuzzys*..

Going to ritual once a month has really been beneficial for me as well. I have also been doing alot of personal studies in pagan ways and wiccan philsophy. Ive been also studying Celtic magick more so. I also dyed my hair black, and am rather enjoying the cold weather, and seeing all the fallen snow. I have always liked that about winter. Winter has always seemed magickal to me. All the fallen snow on the ground , with the cold and the ice all twinlking and whatnot....how could you not love it?

Well..i hope all is well all of you, and good night.

sleep well.

blessed be.

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