Kansas and Dark Dreams.    2008-04-26 17:35:50 ET
Vicki and I are going to Kansas for a week. We leave on Tuesday. We are going there for her brother's wedding. I hate Greyhound, but hey, it was cheaper than flying.

I have also been designing patches to be sold at future Dark Dreams shows.
These are two examples of what I have designed.

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 i hate the cold....    2008-04-19 23:38:32 ET
well, its snowing super hard tonight, the temps are in the high 20's low 30s....MONTANA WEATHER SUCKS......>:(
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 hooray!    2008-04-18 09:25:52 ET
It is warming up here, temperatures in the 60s. It Makes me happy. =)
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 Dark Dreams: Zombie Nation.    2008-03-07 10:31:37 ET
Hope to see all of you here on April 4....You will love it to death, and after.

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 Planetary Starscape.    2008-02-11 13:20:23 ET
This is a picture of a Planetary starscape I did yesterday. I personally think as far a pictures of this kind of theme go, this is my best.


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