NWC 34.
2011-04-26 21:26:29 ET

how to summarize a ridiculously good time, in a blog post.
I'll try :)

Thursday: 4/21
Pack in, which was remarkably easy. Setup took perhaps 2 hours.
party started 8pm w. Rev James, Myself, Mikey G, Neitherock, on decks.
Much alcohol was consumed, perhaps 10 guests over the course of the eveening.
con security showed up to ask "pardon, but who the fuck are you guys"
us: "duuude, chillax, 16 year vets, will be handled in morning"
sec: "problem solved, do continue" :)
ended...around 5am.

friday: 4/22
a ridiculous amount of people started showing up @7:45 during sound checks, same lineup + Dan Shults, Jason LeMaitre, Shawn Henderson, Matt Waldron, and Turbo, + holy fucking epic lighting makes it's appearance, room hits capacity 8 times...security still gives us huge props.
We didn't think ti was possible to drink more alcohol, as 7 bottles above (2 gallon bottles at that), are polished off above our considered "friday night stash"

Saturday: 4/23
the Big three (Mikey G, the addition of Rozz Grace, Dan Shults, Randall Glenn, Machine Logic, Turbo, and well...I got hammered...all the remaining alcohol polished off...lets just say our two bartenders ran for more mixers 4 times in 7 hours.
I gots drunk, and apparently had publicized fellatio performed on me? WTF!


woke up to packed truck! Came home, passed out.

Got dayum.

I will post pictures.

2011-04-26 22:19:14 ET

can't wait for pictures!

not of the fellatio. you can keep those.


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