2003-02-06 06:06:30 ET
i'm bored again...some one send me an image to work with...i prefer more than protrait shots, something with a figure to edit...

     2003-02-05 13:32:58 ET
i'm comtemplating a big project that i want to take on but i need help with it...basically i want to make a comic book with my art but i'm totally lacking in ideas for plot and so forth, i have the concept just none of the plot or character idea's...

once a plot is set up i can sketch out some story boards, and then go take the photos and do what i do... so if your strange enough and you want to collaborate with me, and can see it through...i need an author or at least co-author...

     2003-02-05 13:02:19 ET


so what were you like in highschool...*LOL*...

     2003-02-04 21:26:47 ET
insomnia sent me a picture she thought i might be able to do something with...


     2003-02-04 18:10:00 ET
i offer this all the time and no one ever takes me up on it so i imagine the same will happen ....i'm bored and i want to edit a picture but my mind is completely open...so send me something or IM me
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