2003-02-02 18:15:42 ET


     2003-02-01 21:29:48 ET
how the illusions work

media creates Fear ( TV News, Headlines, The Columbia, Terrorists, WTC )

Marketing = comfort ( commercials showing products claiming falsely to create happiness, to fill in a void created by fear )

comfort from consuming = false ( The Fear was created and imagined the product is not an actual solution for this )

Falseness = uncertainty, paranioa, worrys, woes, uneasiness, restlessness, desires for a state unachievable, SUFFERING

SUFFERING = escapism

Escapism = Media

Breaking the Cycle,

Ego = greed, desire, fear of impermance/death

reduce the ego, eradicate the fear....
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 my subkulture is bulls!@#    2003-01-30 22:02:39 ET
So the question is....

Do you think Tim Armstrong or any of the other punk icons are going to speak up and start talking some shit about this latest war....or will they just form up and go on another warped tour....

heres to 40 Oh-Zee's and thoughtlessness....

 and further soo i might add...    2003-01-30 20:32:21 ET
I'm a generally unfuckwitted, liberal, not-too-generous, not-too-selfish, relatively well adjusted human being!
See how compatible you are with me!
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     2003-01-30 20:17:11 ET
i've been hearing voices a lot more often recently...and i've been nodding off at weird times...i'm so happy...maybe i'll finally go insane...

when i was a kid i used to play this little game when i was in the bathroom (HAHA) i would stare at the tiles and then make them blend and blur together, just stare at them until the lines started to disappear and the white and the black tiles would all turn a fuzzy sort of biege/grayish color...sometimes i would stare at other things and try and make them disappear...the toothbrush, the shower mat....anyone else? or was that just me...

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