a new favorite...    2003-12-17 09:08:54 ET

     2003-11-22 11:12:18 ET

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     2003-11-19 21:41:05 ET



"what are you doing"
"searching for intelligent conversation"
"oh really"
"....well then"
"keep it up"



"whats the rubber mallet for"
"shut up..."
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     2003-11-16 22:41:50 ET
nothing more rewarding than talking about the universe...

a quick quote paraphrased from an IM conversation:

"we are all drops of water,
in a huge river,
and when the river goes over a waterfall,
the water drops all separate,
this is life,
and when we reach the bottom, thats death,
we rejoin the river"

     2003-11-16 20:08:42 ET
i need to get off my ass and find more models....

how do you ask a girl if she would like to model with out looking like a leacherious old pervert...

is it possible...

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