set up is what?    2003-06-30 21:36:57 ET

set up is ....wha....?? sure i guess...why not...lets try that...

or, you know your motherboard was made in korea when...

 comments?    2003-06-28 09:27:00 ET


     2003-06-26 22:59:13 ET
i'm still pretty pissed over the shit that happened at work, but i realize how useless that is at the same time...oh well, oh a brighter side.... wait... nothing that great has happened... in fact life has gotten more complicated sense being uh..released from my duties at my old job... change is happening all around me, friends are moving to new apartments, people are switching jobs.. there seems to be a flux in the air.

i wish i had something interesting to write about... i haven't been in the mood to create anything since monday, i really hope this doesn't affect me this bad for too long.
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     2003-06-23 19:54:30 ET
i got fired today...first time thats ever happened...i guess thats what i deserve for being a pro-union-ite...that'll teach me, gee, i already feel a lack of compassion for my fellow workers...

     2003-06-20 22:11:30 ET
my all time favorite koan....

"he would always answer with one finger"....a famous roshi in the soto sect of zen buddhism would always answer any question by holding up one day he took in a student who started to mimic his roshis strange way of ansering day in respone to a question the student held up one finger, and immedately the roshi grabbed and cut off the the middle of the students screams of pain the roshi yelled out the students name, and when the student looked up at him the roshi held up the students one finger....seeing this the student was enlightened....

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