2003-09-02 00:10:21 ET
wow...i've been gone for awhile...stupid boot sector corrupting viri...hi people...

     2003-08-07 08:34:30 ET
overly pretty girls who don't read, walking joints smoking themselves, hooded figures with baggy pants and expensive kicks, graffitti terrorists, artists waiting in line to cut their own throats, writers who hate readers, black clad and shimmering sparkles, lines waiting to be done, small apartment dwelling technofiles feeding off electric candy, black lined eye elegance, hiding supports and the million issue buttresses that keep them aloft, fake hair, and fake minds, and fake clothes, and fake thought and, fake truths, and fake fake

we are this

....faces among faces, among faces, learning whats cool from blurbs by faces, hunting for cool, hunting for hip, among faces, and faces, and faces....shimmering flat liquid cool cathode ray pixellecent faces....

we are...

     2003-08-07 08:21:02 ET
there is nothing left to whorship, there is nothing left to understand, there is nothing, form, color, and light...nothing else...life exists parrallel to sanctity not with in it....it all hinges on pain, to keep you here, and keep you awake...the only real left is not with in us...we must search out and find the real, find the mind, find the body, ....there is nothing left for us here...nothing...

 i want you all to know...    2003-07-19 06:37:48 ET
your...all beautiful...

     2003-07-14 21:22:31 ET


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