2002-08-16 12:20:21 ET

why are punks so clean now adays....what happened...

2002-08-16 12:23:50 ET

emo hybrid bands.

2002-08-16 12:32:47 ET

they're not really punks but merely "pop-punk" look alikes...they're lame rip-offs

2002-08-16 15:39:23 ET

Who is being clean???

2002-08-16 16:54:35 ET

well, I would say cause "we" make you take a shower.

2002-08-17 01:25:56 ET

i think george carlin said it best when he said tha ll you really ever need to clean is the essential parts... i paraphrase "armpits, asshole, crotch, and teeth...in that order...with the same brush...because we're going for minimalism here"

2002-08-17 12:31:14 ET

Hahaha.....Oh Furax, you're fantastic. Anyone that quotes Mr. Carlin is fantastic. Indeed.

2002-08-17 12:38:22 ET

yay! i'm rockin' the carlin bitches!

2002-08-17 14:04:21 ET

Haha.....take a fucking chance...

2002-08-18 15:54:31 ET

yeah take a fucking chance....yeah......wait...what the...oh i see...YEAH...

2002-08-18 21:14:36 ET


2002-08-18 21:41:27 ET


2002-08-18 21:44:55 ET

Ohhhhh....so about scabs...

2002-08-19 02:51:35 ET

scabs...yes...about the scabs...there is actually a perfectly reasonable explaination for those...

2002-08-19 11:18:02 ET

You cannot mail them!

2002-08-19 11:21:30 ET

i got kinda lost over here...

2002-08-19 11:38:31 ET

You cannot mail scabs damn it! Cannot. At all. I mean, you can, but it is entirely FORBIDDEN. I suppose that is all that you missed...

2002-08-19 11:41:32 ET

oh...yeah mailing scabs is kind of gross

2002-08-19 11:53:10 ET

But spare parts...

2002-08-19 12:09:13 ET

spare parts? ..as long as they're preserved properly...

2002-08-22 06:06:48 ET

Peter, I'd like to see what you might come up with by enhancing some of my art, I'll have more soon on my page, but my cat chewed the wire to my D-cam.
GG's gone, punk will die with Iggy, too many Fuckin' kids out there yelling Oi, and put meaning to a word that was just a lyric. Too many posers wearin Fiend Club shirts don't know what it is.

2002-08-22 11:19:10 ET

isn't jerry only like recruiting directly from the fiend club now...*L*...

i'd love to see your art...i can of have my own style when i created digital enhancements but if thats what you'd like to see i wouldn't mind working with it at all...

2002-08-23 10:57:26 ET

There are three Images right now on my page. I should have more soon, have to get off my lazy arse and buy a new D-cam

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