2002-05-07 09:06:48 ET

well training got called off cuz the supervisor got sick...good...so i spent the whole morning researching my next hair brained idea...a motorcycle...just researching still but i'm pretty sure i'm going to buy one this year...can't decide on which style, sport bike, or cruiser...any idea's????

2002-05-07 09:09:01 ET

actually me n' moxie are going to take a motorcycle class in June. It's the type of class where you go with your learner's permit and you qualify for a liscence, and if you already have a liscence you qualify for a discount on your insurance.

SO then we gotta start researching motorcycles as well.
so keep us informed! :)

2002-05-07 09:15:37 ET

Moped, you definately need a moped

2002-05-07 09:17:35 ET

Hell ya! I got a 1972 Triumph Bonneville 750, my dad was a biker so I grew up with 'em.
What do ya want the bike for, just street riding, do you want alot of speed/power or, or or.....?

2002-05-07 09:20:25 ET

Mopeds are for Emo or Mod SKUMM Do not do it!
Sis, mox and i are looking to do street riding. No speed / dirt / etc biking

2002-05-07 09:29:30 ET


yeah i'm taking one of those classes next month...after convergence...

here's my problem...i can't tell which one identify with more...

Kenaida from akira


James Dean

hmmm...oh well...have to decide in a month or two....

2002-05-07 09:33:56 ET

Or how about, Harleys (pre 73 only!!)
Harely 1940 EL

1939 EL

The top one used to be mine, I used to take it to shows, then one day I was made an offer I could not refuse...The bottomone was taken at a show, I can't think if I met the owner or not, but it is yum.....
My little brit bike has no wheels at the moment, and it needs new cards...and some other work...

2002-05-07 09:52:39 ET

I'm going with James Dean, muhself.
Don't care for those little racer bikes.
And yeah, we are taking our classes after Convergence as well :D

2002-05-07 09:56:28 ET

Cool, they are alot of fun.
Good Luck to ya all on the classes!

2002-05-07 10:23:49 ET

harleys a little out of my price range...

2002-05-07 10:33:00 ET

Built your own!

2002-05-07 10:36:35 ET

if i had a garage....yeah probably.. buti live in an apartment

2002-05-07 10:41:48 ET

Awww, hey maybe one day.

2002-05-08 15:13:25 ET

I hate that top one...I agree go with a harley.

2002-05-08 16:12:56 ET

Miz zayn has good taste, I say.

2002-05-09 03:08:07 ET

Miz zayn is my grrl and she just wants more room on the back of the bike....

2002-05-09 13:24:51 ET

Wait a minute...lets be reasonable about this...do you or do
you not own a leather jacket...?
I rest my case.

2002-05-09 13:30:33 ET

2002-05-09 18:28:59

yeah but i own a million hoodies...whats your point...

i know that most sport riders look stupid and wear all sorts of flashy clothes and are basically dumb yuppies, but i think i could make it look evil...this will continue to be a debate i see that nowedit

2002-05-09 13:32:21 ET

ummm...no...your dumb

2002-05-09 13:43:29 ET

You 2 are cute.

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