2003-02-17 13:01:52 ET

i would literally kill for an interesting conversation right now...literally....like if i knew my public defender was good at chess and read a bit of kafka...i would walk across the hall and throttle any given apartment dwelling neighbor of mine....ugh...i want to stab my eyes...

2003-02-17 13:30:47 ET

Regrets or What if's? and why?

2003-02-17 13:33:53 ET

regrets i have a few...what ifs are entertainment i save for work and lines....

2003-02-17 13:47:26 ET

wow... I think that's the first time anyone has answered with a their own diffinition. Nice.

Regrets make for beating yourself up for forever. What if's make for good fantasies. I would still have regret and not what if's.

2003-02-17 13:50:57 ET

So what kind of pictures are you looking for to play with. I've got a few... but you seem to mostly do women. Besides... sending you a partial nude of myself could be taken the wrong way. :)

2003-02-17 13:52:27 ET

i would rather have regrets myself, at least then you can hope to achieve the adjective "salty" or "seasoned" to me life is all about expriences...

2003-02-17 14:15:46 ET

chess? i like chess...

have you ever tried http://www.kungfuchess.com ???

2003-02-17 14:22:02 ET

no i haven't

what type of chess do you like...i like speed chess...i like 2 minute clocks....

2003-02-17 14:24:54 ET

Yo, pete, just wanted to say that your picture with the kid wearing the "not real" tshirt is fucking dope!

2003-02-17 14:26:56 ET

thanx...theres better stuff on my website...at least in my opinion...send me something of yourself and see what happens to it...i'm trying to work with strangers images right now...

2003-02-17 14:28:49 ET

haha, ok i will some time :D

2003-02-17 14:29:44 ET

kung fu chess is as speedy as speed chess can get. yes.

2003-02-17 14:30:08 ET

all will be solicitated....hey furax...send me an image...

2003-02-17 14:30:39 ET

i just noticed that...*LOL* good thing i have all my gambits memorized...

2003-02-17 14:34:32 ET

hmm...most of my pictures are low quality web-cam pics...that ok?

2003-02-17 14:40:19 ET

ummm....not really not much i can do with that....got anything in at least a 640 by 480

2003-02-17 14:52:34 ET

hmmm...nothing very interesting really...

2003-02-17 15:19:29 ET

half nudes, half nudes!
Whoot, send em!

2003-02-17 15:35:57 ET

LOL... Just remember... you asked for it. heh... actually all you have to do is check out my sk page... I put a few of them up there in a gallerie. But they're too small to work with.

2003-02-17 17:33:01 ET

i need BIG pictures...actually i need to just find local models...actually i don't know what i need...

2003-02-17 21:07:13 ET

I can send them to you at 2048 x 1024 at 72dpi. That's as big as my camera goes.

2003-02-18 14:26:45 ET

1240 x 960 would do fine at 72 DPI...

2003-02-18 14:41:56 ET

right on... I'll send you something when I get home.

2003-02-27 21:16:40 ET

furax.. do you play on there often?

2003-02-28 09:09:17 ET

i used to play on kung fu chess all of the time...but not so much recently...

2003-02-28 11:18:46 ET

i tried it, its great. that and the scrabble game. my name is mrrow ^_^
whats yours? you should come on aometime.

2003-02-28 12:10:11 ET

mine on there was "furax" also

2003-02-28 18:49:55 ET

ok. get on there sometime, ill play ya. sometime at night so my computer doesnt go as slow. im really bad.

2003-03-01 01:26:52 ET

ok...i couldn't remember the password i had for "furax" so now it's "mrfurax" ok? ...PM me or something if you see me on

2003-03-01 21:17:06 ET


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