a hole in my toe
2008-09-17 19:12:03 ET

oh shit what are you doing to your toe

Earlier this year, I had a blister develop on my toe. It went away with time, but a mark was left. Eventually, this mark apparently turned into a small opening. I glanced on it with some curiosity for a while, but did nothing with it. Today though, I was bored and examined it with a needle (safety pin near me). To my discovery, a tiny tunnel of dead skin was left behind. I dug through this for a bit, and eventually found the needle sticking out on the other side. And thus a hole was created in my toe.


2008-09-17 20:57:03 ET

Effen weird. I take it the process was largely bloodless?

2008-09-17 21:09:40 ET

yep :V

2008-09-18 08:31:31 ET

I can do that on most of my finger tips. Maybe not as deep but yeah. Mine comes all my blisters turning into calluses. Then I just keep picking at them to make them bigger. Its pretty cool.

Congrats on the toe hole.

2008-09-25 20:13:41 ET

heh. fun. i had all sorts of fucked up weird shit going on with my toes as a teenager and had like 3 ingrown toenails. i'm sure something like that could have happened around that time.

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