Funny Poem2002-05-19 06:38:36 ET

this poem is funny and makes me happy.
Its from a book my Gram and Pap got be for my birthday.
Verses That Hurt....Pleasure and Pain from the POEMFONE Poets.
it has poems from different peoples.

A Dream Never Dreamed of Sonny Bono &
Don Knotts
By:Matthew Courtney
Sonny meet Don
Don meet Sonny
I'm thinkin' Sonny Bono
I'm thinkin' Don Knotts
it looks like Bono & Knotts
Bono in Knotts
Bono in my thoughts
Don on all fours
tied up in Knotts
Don Knotts naked in the park
doin' the Sonny Bono
look Ma!
I'm doin' the Bono!
in bed with Sonny
in bed with Bono
gettin' some Bono from Sonny
you get ne all tied up in Don Knotts
talkin' Don Knotts
talkin' Don
talkin' that Don Knotts guy
talk' Knotts
fingers in Knotts
legs in Knotts
neck and head in Knotts
thoughts in Knotts
speech all Bono
this aqua-blue Smith-Corona Coronet XL
can hardly record
what Don and Sonny
do with

I got visitors!!2002-05-19 06:25:02 ET

Yesterday I was bored and lonely. No one has come to visit me for awhile, it was starting to sadden me. So as I was thinking of that and doing my cleaning, I heard a car pull in my driveway, I looked out the window and it was my friend Jason, I haven't seen him for over a year, he's in the Marines. He was in Afganistan(sp). I was soo happy to see him.So then he left after 2 hours, then I started on my laundry, I needed to do it because it was to the point when I was just pulling dirty clothes off the floor and wearing them. So then around 6 AJ and Clay show up. I was shocked. So they hung out for awhile, then Nina came down at 8pm. She took AJ and Clay to Clays house, then her and I went to look for a job. Then I went to Mr.Bobs Billards (pool hall) and seen my friend Manda which I haven't seen since before she went to jail. It was a wierd night. then I came home, got online.Got off line, Clay called, then I went to bed.

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LEAVE ME SLEEP part II2002-05-18 07:20:51 ET

Well I'm not staying at Krystals now, not because of my mom, one cause her mom can't come get me and 2 cause AJ might be coming to my house today. And I loves me AJ! I like to see him every oppertunity(sp) I get!

AAHHHHH! LEAVE ME SLEEP!2002-05-18 04:50:45 ET

Man, can't anyone leave me sleep in this house. Mom wakes me up this morning.. " Your GreatGram is dying wanna go to the nursing home and see her before she goes".... me-"No mom, I told you that last night, I don't want to see anyone dying, plus you know I'm afraid of Nursing homes"...... mom- " Oh forgot" me- "Ok mom, let me sleep".... then about 20 mins later " NiCole, when I get home your going to help me clean" me-" I am?" .... mom-"Yes, you are"" Hahaha, yeah right. I have plans today, I'm staying at Krystals".. mom-" no your not, I told you when your dad gets home from work tomorrow we're doing something as a family" " Mom, I already told you I'm not doing that either! Damn, you know hes just going to find something to yell and argue with me about and I don't feel like dealing with it! I'm not going!""Well you're not going to Krystals ither" "yes I am....Cause 1. I'm not going with you guys tomorrow, no use in me being here, 2. all the cleaning Imma do is clean my room which won't take long, so another reason not to be here..I'm going and you can't do anything!!"" your not going and thats final!" ok, we'll just see"..... So you guys will see later if I went or not, and how much you wanna bet I do???... :D ....I go and I stay, I come home , and they act like assholes towards me, which they always do!...Well update ya later! Luv ya all!........Cheeers!

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