and here comes the boredom. . . . . . . . .2002-06-17 06:27:59 ET

Ok, I'm bored, waiting for Nina to wake up, so I can go to the Health Department and get something to eat. And ask heR if AJ can buy a ring off of her. She has this ring, it's her ex-engagment ring. And she never wears, she has even thought about pawning it cause she needs money. Well I like it, infact I'm wearing it right now, and I told AJ he should buy it off of her for me..
AJ: I should
NiCole: Really?
AJ: Yeah if you like it
NiCole: mmhmm
AJ: well then its yours

Shocking huh? I feel spoiled. ;P...That was basically the whole conversastion. But I'm going to ask her today..... Who knows.....maybe I will get this ring............

What a day What a day.......2002-06-08 18:16:01 ET

Well yesterday, went to AJs and spent the night. It was great. I cherish all the time we spend together. Its so great. I never get to see him that long. He makes me soo happy. I love him sooo fuckin much! We had sex 4 times! was great. Came home today at 3:30pm.
On a unhappy note, I went to my great-grandmas funeral, but it weas cool, she looked soo good. A hell of alot better than what she did in the nursing home. She looked 20 yrs younger. But it was still sad. I met a bunch of realitives I've never met before. I just got home about an hour ago. I'm waiting for AJ. Can't wait much longer cause my eyes are getting vey heavy.

Today fuckin sucked2002-06-06 16:02:38 ET

Ok, I'll make this short.I found out I failed 11th grade, my great-grandma died,I couldn't see AJ, and I ran over a frog. It rained. Soo poopy day. On the bright side I pierced a chicks belly button. ( I sterilize all my needles and use alcohol shit and wear gloves(mostof the time with the gloves) SO I'm a safe one. I want to cry, but I can't, it sux. I really need to talk to AJ. I have to go to a funeral now, my mom is making me, and I can't handle them since my friend Johns , he killed himself, but she told me I could take AJ, so hopefully he will go with me.

I gots me a job!!!2002-05-31 19:09:48 ET

Hooray for NiCole!! She went out and got herself a fuckin job!!
Yes that is true lazy, procrastinating late me got myself a job. Its just because I want a care. I'm a telemarketer, except we do fundraisers for the Childrens Cancer stuff and things like that. But people are such assholes. I have a little sercret to tell you IF YOU GET A TELMARKETER AND YOU DO NOT WANT THEM TO CALL YOU ANYMORE, PICK UP THE PHONE AND LISTEN FOR A SECOND AND SAY " I'M NOT INTERESTED AND I'M LIKE IT IF YOU TAKE ME OFF OF YOU LIST" IT WORKS, SO DO THAT INSTEAD OF HANGING UP OR NOT ANSWERING AT ALL!!!
So please do yourself and the poor person on the phone that is only doing thier job a favor and say that. Thank you!But yeah, anywhoo, I make 8 bux a fuckin hour man, and I work likew 35 to 40 hours a week......yay! for NiCole once agian. So yeah, if I don't update this alot and ya'all are missin me and shit, its beause I'm working and I'm sorry for that!! Iloves ya'all. Cheers!

I'm bored.2002-05-28 10:09:45 ET

if you have any of the following messangers and you are either bored, or wanna talk to someone crazy and interesting, talk to me!

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