work..2006-08-30 01:38:50 ET

I hate it.

So yesterday, Jason borrowed money from, Jay ( his friend that just got a distributing deal with his band), to keep my ass outta jail.
I drove myself to work last night, that way Jason would fuckin sleep.
He's on my sleeping schedule, which is bad, because the day time is when he has shit to do.
Anyway, I'll be going to the bank after work to take the 1st step in keeping my ass outta jail.
Then I have to wait until friday for the final step.

My brother is probably moving back to MD.
I'm glad.
he is so miserable here and has succeeded in making everyone else miserable.
sey la ve (sp) little brother.

Jason stays at my house more than I do.
thats sad.
I cant wait to get home and crawl into bed with him.
mmmmm..happy thoughts.
BUT before I can do that I have to take my mother to this place so we can see about getting financial help with our bills and such.

Ah, such a tease my days are.

I cant get any booty for the next couple of days, cause of meds.
Jason is highly disappointed. lol.
I told him I dont know what he's going to do when we have kids.

After this money situation is taken care of.
No more checks for NiCole.
Jason and I will be able to start saving for shit for next year.

We also need to be saving for out trip to MD in October.....and my bitch of a manager BETTER give me my week off.
I requested the 15th- 23rd of October off when I 1st started working here.
So I BETTER get it off or I will go postal up in this hizzle.

Also, I will probably be going through my 1st HURRICANE tomorrow....wish me luck!.. lol.
it might only be a cat. 1.... but its still a hurricane.

I miss my dorkface. :(
I cant wait to go home and have him love up on me.

funny funny2006-08-27 13:27:08 ET

'What will your obituary say?' at

'What will your obituary say?' at

jason's is the best.
my man is old.. born in '77. lol

the weekend.2006-08-27 12:57:57 ET

soo what jason made plus my pay check should be enough to keep me from having a warrent out for my arrest.
I'm such a fuckin idiot.

Anyway. Jason did an awesome job, as always, playing his bass geetar this weekend.
Mom went with us friday.
I didnt get to drink my whole pitcher of beer cause she was pissing me off and i knew if i drank anymore,
there would be a bar fight they would be having to break up.
So i just kept going outside and smokin my ganja.
Jason and I slept most of the day yesterday.
it was nice.
just us cuddling not having to rush to do anything or be anywhere until later that night.
we left at quarter til 8pm and headed towards the Causeway.
Lee's woman, Toni came this time, and Hal..Lee and Jasons friend came.
It was an awesome night.
We started out with a lemon drop and ended in a malibu sunrise.
Toni and I kept fuckin with Hal, while Lee and Jason were playing. We were threating to fist him. lol. oh my. it was a great night.
I was drunk, high, and wanting a piece.
But when I got in the car I passed out.. and when I got in the house.. I passed out. We got home at 3am and I woke up to Jason crawling in the bed at quarter after 5am.
I had to be here at work at 3pm. and here i am.
I hate my job.
its shitty and this one day of working a different shift, is what keeps me from getting on a sleeping schedule.

I get off at 11pm.
Jason and I have to go to my bank tomorrow.
We need 34 more bux to keep me outta the jail. :(
i dont wanna go to jail... i'd never make it in there.

lesson learned in life: NiCole can no longer have a check book cause she fuckin sucks at balancing it.

and to think I'm a night auditor!

weekends and coco2006-08-24 20:34:51 ET

tonight is my last night of night audit for the week.
i have the rest of the weekend off.
Jason has 2 shows ar the Causeway this weekend. So of course I am going.
Tomorrow.. well tonight... friday night.. My aunt mom and uncle are going.
I hope they enjoy it.
argh.. I'm tired so i think I'm going to go sleep in my makeshift bed on the counter in the back office.
Hope all you cool cats have an awesome weekend.
I'll write again soon!

2006-08-22 19:36:00 ET

So yesterday my boss comes in to work to relieve me...says she needs to talk to me.
I am needed here man.
She needs me as a full time night auditor.
she offers me a set schedule.. full time... a 45cent raise and weekends off.
i said fuck yea.
in a few months this will wear thin though.. and i will most likely be asking for a different shift.
because right now.. i am dead tired.. and its only 12:35am..i have to be here until 7am.
i think imma go sleep in the back office until t he CSX guys get here.

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