bar sluts2006-08-20 11:30:17 ET

soo Jasons show went good last night.
minus the fact that Lee, the drummer, forgot they had a show and then we had to go and get him.
oh well.
It was fun.
I go drunk and danced.
that is after the bar sluts left.
what is the bar sluts you ask..?
oh well it is this group of girls that came in last night looking like they had just walked outta the playboy mansion.
seriously.. if they walked a certain way you could see their ass.
all of us us i mean the band members wives and girlfriends were fine.... that is until they start dancing.
they lifted their legs up on the stage.. and you could see alittle bit of pootie.
it was gross... and bothers me.
i know, i'm dating a guy and the band.. and some chicks are just band sluts.
If it wasent for the fact that Jason didnt pay them much attention, my jealousy probably would've had me getting arrested.
He's told me how in the past woman have come up and full on groped him.
One incident happened right before we started dating.. while we were at the talking stage.
I know who he goes home with.. i know who he's going to be fucking that night... but its not the point of that.
it is MORE than obvious that we are dating when at a the 1st woman that grabs his dick while i'm there is going to be the 1st to get an example of a good ass kickin.
I think that is so disrepectful.
Jason is all like " baby, you cant be doing know who i love... you know who i'm going home with...just remember that. this stuff happens when you are in a band"...
i can say it until i'm blue in the face that i will not touch a bitch for doing that, but i'm only lying.
Until the time comes, i dont know how i'm going to react.
I can say I'll be calm... but I'm territorial..and that is invading my space.........flashing titties i can handle... grabbing his dick is another story.
I just dont know how i'll react.
Is this stupid?
cause i know what goes on with band guys..and how there are band sluts...
a girl can only handle so much of someone mackin on their koolaid...
before something has to be done.
am I being dumb?
its just that where most of this groping takes place is at the place he's playing this coming weekend.. and i like that bar.. and work gives me off weekends that jason plays so i can be his supporter.. so i'm going to matter what.
I dont know.. I'm rambling cause I'm frustrated.. cause we've been having talks about this the past week.

just a few pictures..2006-08-18 11:33:35 ET

this makes me smile...


things are good in the hood..2006-08-18 00:08:01 ET

so by this time next year Jason and I should be living in OUR own house on OUR own land. We want to purchase atleast an acre. hopefully more.
We decided that we will go ahead and fix up his trailor and then relocate it. Its just him and I for now.. so we dont need anything fancy.
The trailor has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath.. and we are going to make it 2 baths. Its pretty decent sized. We are basically remodeling the whole thing. Jason will do all the dry wall, plumbing, electrical, etc shit. and I get to do most of the decorating.
I'm so inlove with this man.
Its insane.. i know.

I hate my job, but its going to help me with furture things.
And I only have to work it until something better comes along.

Jason and I have delt with some pretty bad money problems. so bad that we we scraping up pennies for gas.
Things have been looking up lately for us. More shows are being booked. I'm working full time hours.. so I'm getting like $400-$500 a paycheck. I have atleast $200 left over if not more for myself each pay now.

We are happy and content to the fullest extent with each other.
We both hate therefore dont do it.
I only do it on 2 occassions... when I know I'm right... or when I think I'm right. lol. but they are cute arguements..not mean at all.
We take time out of the day to go lay down and cuddle...which by the way is a great stress reliever.
When we work different shifts, we miss each other terribly.
My mom says we are inlove and it makes her sick...... shes joking of course.......or atleast thats what she leads me to believe.
We have an EXTREMELY happy and healthy sex life.
We keep each other laughing and entertained.
Never a dull moment with us. not even in sleep. lol.
When around others.. not only are we making each other happy, but we make people around us happy as well.
Its great.
My mom asked my friend, Jess, while she was down from MD .... " When was the last time you have ever seen her this happy?....have ever seen her this happy?".......
my friends reply was... "no".
I have seriously never been this happy in a relationship.
He does something to me.
He makes me glow.
And no matter how hard I try to hide it.. the glow is so viberant...everyone can see it.
I can see it in pictures of us.
Which I will be posting later today.
SC is definetly my new home.
I could never leave this place as I could MD.

...i'm rambling...
oh my look at me go...
imma stop boring you now.
go and finish working i guess.


what is wrong with me??2006-08-16 19:27:43 ET everything has been building up...and today i finally had an emotional breakdown.
thank god Jason was around.

Today I had a migraine so bad i couldnt open my eyes in the light and i threw up 3 times in an hour from it.
also my stomache has been upset alot lately.
I'm always tired.
Jason told me if i get a migraine like that again i'm going to the doctor.

I'm off friday and saturday this weekend. and according to next weeks schedule i have the same days off then.
which is fuckin awesome, cause Jason has a show saturday at Tracy's First String.
and then next weekend he plays fri. and sat at the Causeway.

Next week I'm suppose to be working 3 out of my 4 days as evening. YAY!

back in SC2006-08-16 01:06:23 ET

so my day in MD, back home, was alright... kinda a tease, but enjoyable.
Seen a few friends and family members.
We got lost on the way back, so i ended up being 2 hours late for work.
i've had no sleep.
Jason is outside in the parking lot sleeping.
its 6am, i get off at 8am.
i cant fuckin wait.

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