feeeelings..2006-09-05 19:45:19 ET

so i have this overwhelming feeling of sadness.

i feel that something very sad is going to happen involving someone that i'm close to back home.

i cant shake this feeling.

8 days...2006-09-05 01:49:48 ET

... it has been 8 days..
8 days since Jason and I had sex.

it will be 2 more until we can.

damn medication.

i feel like I'm going to explode.

and so does he.

we are nymphos.. lol.. what can i say?
we have a happy healthy sex life.

and its about time i find a guy that wants it just as much as i do.

on another note.
my love is sickening.
we say the exact same things at the exact same time.
and finish each others sentences.
and I LOVE IT!

if i were someone viewing this from the outside, i'd probably puke.

Its a wonderful thing.
love, that is.

I glow.
and everyone sees it.
the head housekeeper here at work, pointed it out yesterday.
she said to Jason " I dont know what you are doing, but shes always glowing. Keep it up!"

This man, he is the one. I know it.
I can feel it in every molecule of my body.
And its great.

My favorite thing to do when I'm not working.. is to be cuddling in bed with Jason.

i just cant get past the fact that i am actually this happy in a relationship for once, and i want to do everything in my power to return the happiness.

imma quit before i make you puke on yourself.

Croc Hunter dead??????!!2006-09-04 02:03:10 ET

What the fuck?

that really sucks.

he was fuckin awesome!

who would've thought he would go out with a sting ray barb to the chest?!



porn..2006-09-03 00:10:08 ET

any woman who reads this... give me a reply.

if you dont like your boyfriend or husband to watch porn.. could you put a response on what you dont like about it, how it makes you feel, and why?

Jason doesnt seems to understand my point of view and to me, he seems to think i'm the only woman who feels the way i do about it.

tropcial storm ERNESTO!2006-08-30 19:54:30 ET

so it has gone from a hurricane, to a tropical storm/depression.
I'm looking outside and can see the wind is already slowly starting to pick up.
My boss wants me to stay at the hotel tomorrow to assure that I will be here to work.
So I made my reservation for the top floor, cause fuck being on the bottom floor.
I think we are considered to be like a foot below sea level or something.
And yea, the marsh/ river is RIGHT behind the hotel.
We have fiddler crabs in our pool every day.

We are going to be getting some pretty heavy thunderstorms according to the news.
Jason had to run to his house, but he's suppose to be heading back here ANYTIME now.
I dont want to be here by myself if the electric goes out.
I'm scurred of the dark.

Jason needs to hurry up.
damn it.

I had a dream I was pregnant today.

ummm...my ass is not saved from having a warrent out on me now.
more shit came up.. and if my bank would've told me this shit in the 1st place i could've had more money and this taken care of already.
instead I'm here broke. and no way to take care of the other shit.
mother fuckers.

oh my.

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