2006-09-03 00:10:08 ET

any woman who reads this... give me a reply.

if you dont like your boyfriend or husband to watch porn.. could you put a response on what you dont like about it, how it makes you feel, and why?

Jason doesnt seems to understand my point of view and to me, he seems to think i'm the only woman who feels the way i do about it.

2006-09-03 02:10:45 ET

i completely understand why you would feel that way, and im not even a woman ;-P

2006-09-03 08:12:24 ET

thank you.

2006-09-03 16:04:31 ET

Well I don't like it because its dirty and its fake. I think everything is fake about it...there's no emotion in the sex they have and I think that when you have sex with someone even if its just a friend/or whatev, there is some emotion behind it, regardless of what that emotion may be.

Plus the porn industry is just dirty. And not in a good way.

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