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the story...

And I'm going to shorten it up a bit.

Preston and his ex were doing bad, and from my understanding, have been for ALONG time. So I come along and he likes me and feelings are mutual. So we start hanging out. Her shit kept getting worse so he gave her the ol' boot. They still live together because they have a son together and he doesnt really have the money to move nor does she, but i'm cool with it, whatever allows him to spend time with Rian(his son) is fine by me.
Soooo...last night when i get into MB I call him to come over to Scott's place to hang out. It takes him about 2 hours because of her bitching at him. When he gets to Scotts, she calls about 5 times, texts him like 5 times, then said they needed to talk and get soemthing straight, so he tells her she cant come into scotts apt. but they can talk outside, you can hear her bitching at him. then he comes back in. we are chillin somemore and she calls a few more times. he leaves for work and then keeny and i got get something to eat.

then i got to viking to hang out with Preston somemore. She calls, jesus christ i lost count on how many times. i mean countless fuckin times she called. it was ridiculous. Then I'm in the bathroom and come out and bam, there she is, she of course makes a big scene in the lobby yelling at him, while that is going on Scott calls to check up and see how we are all doing, and Rob tells him whats happening, Scott tells Rob to tell Shannon she has to leave. So she did. Then she called a billion more times and a billion more text. it got to the point where i told rob to tell her that Preston was doing his job and that she needed to call him some other time. after awhile , i told him that when we left the viking that he could no longer answer his phone for her calls, cause we were going to the beach and having a good time. and exactly that happened. we had a kick ass time!
then today Darell picks up Preston and I from Scotts, she calls countless more times, and he finally told her that one of them is going to have to go if she keeps up that shit.

now this girl, as of right now, was told i was just a friend that he hangs out with. I'm glad I'm not dating him, cause if this is how she reacts to friends, oh my.

I'm a homewrecking whore, by the way. so that is pretty much the story.

right now i'm going to go finish my killians and then got to bed. nite.

mb part 2...2006-05-19 08:57:46 ET

one of these days i will explain the story with preston and his ex woman.

last night was good, but would've been excellent if it werent for his ex woman. god damn! i mean is it that hard to get the hint that you are not together anymore?
i would actually like my name to stay out of her mouth, cause she doesnt know me, nor will she ever. so yea. shes just being immature.
la de da, such is life.

after he got off of work we hung out on the beach until like 7am. it was beautiful, watching the waves under the moonlight, then slowly watching the sun rise. it was awesome.

then we went out with darrell today and he had the baby with him. Seth, the baby, loves my tits. he will cry and when i hold him and hes on my ta ta's he's fine. its wierd. lol. the baby has already copped a feel. lol.

myrtle beach2006-05-18 11:50:35 ET

so i'm in myrtle beach. chillin here for the night at the viking.
i'll be staying at scotts.
i'm going to be hanging out with preston later but since he worked until 4am, i'm letting him sleep for awhile longer before i wake him up.

oh my, i hope his ex isnt home. ..umm that is a long story that i will explain later.

oops, i'm a homewrecker. oh well, such is life, la de da.

so i'm chillin at the viking at with scottie boy and he's giving me tips on how to give the worlds best blow job. ya know, useful advice. lol.

i'm looking out the window at the ocean right now, i might go walk the beach later, but i'm waiting for the sun to go down some, if i dont ,i'll get burnt to a crisp.

hope all of you cool cats are having a nice week.

2006-05-17 15:45:57 ET

sooo when i went to my aunts today i left my messangers on, and forgot to set one to away, justin messaged me i wasent here. tried to call him but no answer. poo!

2006-05-15 17:54:06 ET

still no plans made. he's not sure whats going on. He doesnt really like the drive, which is understandable. its like an hour and 20 minute drive from goose creek to here. I just hope he figures something out tomorrow, cause if hes not up for the drive, then I can make plans with Kenny and go to Myrtle Beach for a couple of days.

boys, i tell ya! confusing mother fuckers.

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