is my number up?2006-05-28 08:46:01 ET

so my friend calls me today from MD and she's like " you'll never guess whos pregnant" I was like "who" shes like " ME!"
i was like wow, shit , fuck, give me a few minutes to process this.

so heres the numbers up deal.
there are these four friends, that have been friends since kindergarden.
Its me, Brianne, Ashli, and Meggan.
Brianne was the 1st of us to get pregnant. and some how it ended up passing us up again and she got pregnant again, so she has 2 kids.
Meggan is the one that called me to tell me she is pregnant.
so that leaves me and Ashli, and its going with the least expected person out of the group getting pregnant.
so brianne was the very least expected, then ashli was most likely and i was second most likely. and meggan was second least expected.

i think j and i need to start being alot more careful.

movie slut2006-05-27 20:29:17 ET

so last night i rented ORDS OF DOGTOWN. i thought it was a really good movie. i liked it alot. i also rented dirty love and elizabethtown, which did not live up to all the hype.

tonight i rented the cursed and amityville horror. I've seen amityville horror in the theatres, but i wanted to watch it again, and the cursed looked interesting.

so i belive i'm going to watch movies here in alittle bit.

friendships are like seasons2006-05-27 06:35:14 ET

wanna know more on that?

this is just a huge transformaion for me in life right now

odd noises..2006-05-26 18:43:05 ET

I swear i keep hearing the sounds of something or someone hitting the side of my house,which is kinda creeping me out. and I'm not going to go fuckin check out that shit. I hope its not serious, cause it would take the fuzz, uh only an hour to get here.

mmmm beer.2006-05-26 18:10:34 ET

a nice cold beer after work is great!
especially after dealingwith idiots.

oh i'm so excited to get my nipples pierced.

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