sooo.... yes.. i believe so..2006-05-26 06:58:05 ET

i want another piercing, i keep saying " ok, thats all i wanted now I'm done." but its a lie, cause i love the feelings. I'm addicted, what can i say.
I know, you are are wondering " well what are you getting pierced?"

my answer is, my nipples. Yes my nips will be pierced.

I think next week Justin and I are going to go find shops and price them. He's going to go with me and be my support.
I see much pain ahead.

Mom and I went to the Mart of Wal, and i got some more canvas' and more paint and this time i finally got a fuckin eisel. its about damn time.

Justin likes my abstract art, so i've decided to make a painting for him for his b-day.

i havent had a cigarette for almost 24 hrs. Go me! And I'm not really craving it either. the gum is helping that.

I stocked up my beer. yuengling lager cans, my booze: irish cream, and vodka and pina colda mix.
yea, i know right?
whos having the party?
in my pants.
lol. j/k j/k.
.. that was a couple of days ago.

the wierdest thing happened today, my mom helped me pick out langirie (sp). for some reason i feel there is something wrong with that picture.

I got justins b-day card.
on the front it says:
"so, anyway, I'm standing in line to buy you a freakin' birthday card and the line is like seventeen billion people long 'cause the only thing the dumb teenage boy at the register is thinking about is the dumb teenage girl at the other register, and some lady is turning her purse inside out to come up with "exact change", like shes gonna win some kind od "exact change trophy" or something, and some idiot starts up with his "this item was marked with the sale price" crap, and I just really hope you like this card......"

Inside says:
" 'Cause I stole it." happy brithday.
its the perfect card cause sometimes i ramble like that. he will understand.

My cousin just turned 14 today, so i got her a b-day card,
its funny it has a dead rat on the front of it and says:
" What kinda sick, twisted person would buy a brithday card with a dead rat on it?"
and inside it says:
"Ah, you know me too well" happy birthday.
I also added" PS I WILL throw you in with the gators if you rub me the wrong way. no joke!"
its just an inside thing between me and her.

its 2pm, i've had like 4 hours of sleep, quit smoking and i'm hyper as fuck.
yea, see, now i'm just rambling.
Today was a wierd day. I get to wear jeans to work all weekend which is exciting.
I have to work at 7:30pm.
Yea, well I'm going to stop rambling and get something to eat.

hatelovejealousylustsexdrugsbooze2006-05-25 13:19:45 ET

So, yea.. i'm back again.

Justin picked me up after work sunday, then we went to this guy to get this stuff. then to my house to get my clothes and whatnot. then we headed to charleston/ goose creek. ate, drank..."smoked", badbadbadbadbad move on my part considering i havent been tested yet at work and now there is talk of tests being done soon.

monday, i cleaned like i usually do, hung out on the balcony, enjoyed the weather. he came home we went to the elecrtic company to pay the bill, but they were closed. then we went home and repeated the above.
tuesday, i did the usual, he came home, asked me if it was alright if his friend Amber came over and hung out since she was moving back to Louisanna next week, i didnt care. She was awesome, we all got drunk and then justin went to bed and Amber and I stayed up talking and drinking. We ended up keeping Justin awake until like 6am....he had to be up at 8:30am. Not a good thing.

Wenesday, amber and i sleep in forever, i clean cause i knew he was going to be mr. grumpy pants when he got home, and the less he had to complain about the better. He complained to me about the whole ordeal of the night before. I just sat and listened. Then that i was trying to be considerate, but when you are drinking judgement is clouded and my plans and shit backfired. and i was sorry he didnt get much sleep and all. but hes the one that decided to have 2 other people there on a week day. after awhile things blew over, actually after about an hour or 2. i've learned you just gotta let him blow his steam off, pretend to be listening, but really dont or he'll just offend you not meaning too, and then it blows over. then we ate taco bell. amber left at 10pm. we drank alittle more, then went to bed arounf midnight.

today, i cleaned up , did some laundry, watched tv, took a nap cause i felt sick, then justin came home, we chilled for alittle bit then headed back here to g-town. we always have the most interesting talks in the care on the way to g-town or charleston.

so here i am. bored again.

his b-day is the 7th of June, I need to get him a b-day present, i'm just not sure what though. I have time to browse and decide.
What to get the guy that can get himself anything?
a guy that wanted a 30 thousand dollar car, and got it. a guy, that yesterday was like " i want an ipod" and ordered it. I mean, this could be difficult. I'm sure he'll like whatever I get him, he pretty appericative of things, it just makes it harder to get him something when he has the money to get ANYTHING he wants himself.

the dream2006-05-21 10:19:52 ET

oh my!
I had a dream last night about me getting pregnant. And I know people say "well if you dream this, then it means this" the complete oppisite of what you dream. Thats not how it works with me.
Now, I'm going to allow all of you to think I'm a complete nut job, but oh well. See, alot of times i have these things called dreams, but in reality they are a sorta premenition. Any dreams I have, that feel real, have actually happened. They are kinda blurry and sometimes I dont figure them out until after the fact, when I'm like " OH SHIT! that was my dream!" like when my cousin died last month, i dreamt of his death before we got the phone call. For the whole year before my ex and I broke up, i had dreams about it. But with that I didnt want to believe them and just ignored it. ANYWAY, this dream was as real as can be, so now I'm alittle worried. But then again, when Kenny read my cards the other night, it did say I was fertile this week and needed to be careful. Sooo, I'm going to be a Justins all week, the odds of nothing happening are , um, slim to none. I'll just have to make sure no accidents happen.

Why am I telling you all this personal information? I dont know. It kinda makes me feel alittle better since this dream freaked me out alittle.

alittle drunk..2006-05-20 22:02:56 ET

sooooo..i;m alittle drunk. my uncle and i drank and played egyptian rat screw moost of the nigh. i got my ass handed to me. lol.

tomorrow, justin is coming to get me after work, i'll probably be at his place until thursday, maybe even friday. but probably thurday. should be fun, as always.

i just got off the phone with him, its 3am. lol.

after this beer, i think its time fore me to hit the hay, lol.

paintin and drinkin..2006-05-20 13:27:10 ET

so i got inpired to start painting again.
its very absract.
something has inspired me to start painting again, and its GREAT whatever it is.
I'm so glad the dry spell is up.

i'm getting ready to get a shower, and then my uncle is coming over to get me.
hes off today and my aunt works, and i'm off today and my mom works, so him and i made plans to drink now that i'm 21 and all. so we are going to be drinking.

hope you cool cats are having a great weekend!

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