just droppin a line....
2009-10-26 23:47:14 ET

I haven't had the internet for what seems like forever so I haven't been able to update.
Jason and I are living back at his moms, we haven't been here for a month yet. The trailer situation didn't work out due to a money hungry, harassing bitch. The economy and job situation sucks down here at the moment, and 4 weeks ago Jason stumbled across an awesome job that pays awesome. Hes an ambulance driver and loves it. Today is his 1st day off since he started the job. So things are getting to where they need to be again.
I'm due in 2 weeks. I'm ready for her to come out. I'm so huge, and that is not me just saying that like every other pregnant woman. I really am huge, I look like I'm carrying a toddler. lol. I have a doctors appointment today and I hope she tells me something is going on down there and we can expect her in the next few days. My belly itches to the point that I cant sleep now. It itches like I have poison. It sucks. I'm just ready to hold baby Marleigh.
Everything is going good, I'm ready to be a mom.

2009-10-26 23:55:48 ET

nice to know you still exist d-;

good luck with everything <3

2009-10-27 00:04:17 ET

lol. thank you!
how are you doing?

2009-10-27 01:11:07 ET

eh...living and progressing...for whatever thats worth.

if you're bored you should check out my newest entry on here...cause i've been too bored for my own good tonight d-;

2009-10-27 04:55:03 ET

I want to see preggo belly pics!!

That's so exciting that you are so close. Anytime now!
You're in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you have a great birthing experience and are holding that little girl soooonn!!

2009-10-27 06:49:30 ET

glad things are getting where they need to be. :)

2009-10-27 07:55:27 ET



2009-10-28 11:12:28 ET

this is a bad pic....it was taken at 34wks at 7:30am. I'm 37wks now.

these are the new u/s pix from yesterday, she just wanted to make sure she was in head down position.

2009-10-28 12:48:57 ET

Love that first u/s!! It's such a clear picture. You can tell she doesn't have a ton of room...looks like she's ready for our world! :)

Annnnd, you're looking great, Mama! :-)

2009-10-31 01:34:48 ET

I love the 1st picture...i couldnt believe how clear it was, that was a regular u/s. I'm so ready for her to get here. If shes not here by Monday, me and my dr. are going to discuss induction, which at this point I'm all for. We have the carseat in the car and the bags for the hospital packed, we are ready.

and thank you, i feel like I look hideous at this point. lol!

2009-11-06 12:36:18 ET

baby belly!! i love it! almost there mama. you can do it and it's so worth the wait. those u/s pics are amazing. i was like wow. i actually see a face!!

if you have a gnc near you, you could try getting the vit d, e, a lotion. it's actually face cream but it really helps calm my belly down when it itches.

2009-11-06 12:38:22 ET

i went to the dr. and she told me its a rash caused by pregnancy... the call it p.u.p.s or something like that. it drives me insane. lol.

2009-11-06 12:41:52 ET

aww that stinks. at least it's not cholestasis!

2009-11-06 12:47:00 ET

thats true. i'm having to put a steriod ointment on it to keep it at a bareable level. i know it helps cause i didnt use it yesterday and today my stretch makes are red, swollen, and itching like a mofo. lol!

2009-11-06 12:49:56 ET

not too much longer to go though. If I'm dilated 2cm on tuesday I'm allowed to go into the hospital on wed to speed up labor...if not she wants me to wait until after the 18th, my due date is the 15th, to avoid a c-section. she said if I'm induced before my body is showing signs that its ready and my body doesnt respond, that they cant just send me back home, they would have to do a csection cause it can cause risk to the baby. so we are avoiding a csection.

2009-11-06 16:45:17 ET

is this something you're wanting?

ask her what your bishop's score is. that will help determine whether or not the induction will be successful.

2009-11-08 16:43:17 ET

what is a bishop's score?
I dont want a c-section, and I'd rather her come natural,but I dont know if I could handle swelling anymore. i have carprol tunnel in both hands now, and I'm losing alot of sleep. I fear that if I keep losing sleep like this and the time does come that I wont have the energy.

2009-11-08 17:29:44 ET


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