a walk on SubK Street
2002-05-19 10:29:17 ET

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A walk on SubK Street
One day Moma SiS was wondering through the town of Subkultures. Along she started craving some SkaForBreakfast but decided to wait until she got home. She stopped by to see some Junkie+Gal to get her fix for the day. After that she was feeling alittle AnTi-LaCi . She felt a wierd feeling in her stomache like a fire inside burning. It was odd. But she blew it off, thinking it was the effects of the Rudiger she had bought off that Junkie Gal. Along the way she seen Heathen Heather yelling at the top of her lungs " I'm Not Your Fan !" . She couldn't help but to laugh at her. So as the day went on and she was still on her rudiger she stopped into a local record store to see if she could find some new tunes. Instead she seen some kid with a PunkRockMohawk . She acked him if she could touch it and if he wanted to go get some coffe with her. He said " Of course. Ya know, you're like noone else " She blushed and said " thank you" . As they were drinking their coffee some Suicide Singer jumped up on their table and started singing " BrownEyedGirl " to SiS. She giggled and said " Dude, I have blue eyes." Everyone laughed. Everyone in the cafe was on ZeN and she knew it. But she was the only one on the good stuff, rudiger. All of a sudden she had this really wierd feeling in her tummy. She relized she had to take a Void Humanoid so she ran to the bathroom. While she was there she realized she had *red stains* her underwear. She was filled with TeRRoR . But then she realized that it was not stains, it was the design of her underwear. She laughed in relief. Then her and that mohawk dude decided to go their seperate ways. She felt a wierd feeling in her pants, when she looked she saw a GreenFuzzyThing there.She took it out and threw it at some PunkRock girl that was playing with her Smart Ass Barbie . The girl cried and SiS laughed. She liked to scare people. Then she seen Max Kool , Renn , and Crys .They backed away from her slowly and she said " dont worry I WONT KILL YOU !" As she was home sitting on her pourch drinking rasperrylemonade she seen a rudeboy with an OperationIvyAFdoll talking to a NailCitySkinhead . She had her Warped Savent put in some anti flag while she played with her Mead . So as the day neared she had Acasualtie laying on her floor saying "
StillDoIDream " . So after all was dark and everyone was in bed. She took the body and dropped it off in her alligator tank!


2002-05-21 07:17:07 ET

eh, eh, eh

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