Coma White
2004-03-21 14:19:52 ET

Took a looong walk, froze to death.

I can't feel my fingers ; ;
and it's taking forever for me to type this. >__<<BR>

If you love me/like me/want to get to know me, comment here :D

2004-03-21 14:23:32 ET

and here its soooooo hot :/

2004-03-21 14:28:24 ET

what did you think about when you were walking?

2004-03-21 15:16:47 ET

where are you that your freezing to death? It's freezing here too in Vermont

2004-03-21 15:22:15 ET

i wish it was still cold here.

2004-03-21 15:36:19 ET

I wouldn't mind getting to know you (biblical style) .. j/k

2004-03-21 17:26:26 ET

i second viesekt's emotion. ;)

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