Wipe the blood away...
2004-04-01 12:30:30 ET


..bloody half-nakieness.

(I removed the pictuuuuure...)

2004-04-01 13:10:39 ET

fuck is that real blook by chance? ickkkkk

yay for nakedness!

2004-04-01 13:30:52 ET

tell me that is fake

2004-04-01 15:26:39 ET

nope...it's real o_o

2004-04-01 15:27:56 ET

humpf, I don't think you're really allowed in the TOS to have that kind of thing here. I donno though. Still, blood...? I'm not so sure about that kinda thing.

Please tell me you didn't do that on purpose

2004-04-01 15:52:37 ET

what happened/.

2004-04-01 18:19:19 ET

bad day slash boredom?
I dunno x.x;

xoxo ; ;

2004-04-02 03:06:08 ET

no pic? *cries*

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