TBM    2006-03-13 13:19:40 ET
I just bought Violet by The Birthday Massacre. Great c.d. and I am still a bit sad that I missed them in Feb. But if I can find that t-shirt when I got the states I will be very happy!

 Hiss!    2006-03-04 08:21:34 ET
I love my philosophy class. Yesterday this girl started arguing that nuclear war would be funny. Oh and there is this one girl there who usually has something mean to say about everyone. She knows that most of the girls in class despise her for the things she says but she couldn't care less. I admire her honesty.

But.... one should speak the truth with love!

 O.K. I said I would do this... but I warn you!    2006-02-25 08:57:55 ET
My journal entries are not to be read when operating heavy machinery!

I haven't heard from Lisa for awhile. It looks bad from here (regarding the TBM concert). I don't think we will end up going. >.< Oh if only I could drive! The earliest I can go for my N is August 20th. Is it really a hard test? Everyone but two people I know have failed it the first try. I drive to school everyday, hoping I will be prepared by August. My turns and parking abilities are very limited... but these things will come with time

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