2005-06-01 13:09:19 ET
My cousins funeral was today. 27 years old. Life sucks sometimes.

     2005-05-30 07:44:56 ET
I had a date last night. The guy drives a limo for a car. He picked me up at ten PM and i got home and 7 AM. Crazzzzy night. I'm insanely tired though. You know how after you do something it doesnt feel like it really happened? Well thats how i feel right now. Kinda surreal that i spent the whole night with a guy i'd never met before.

Okay, nappy time for me

     2005-05-25 13:06:33 ET
I got a job.

     2005-05-24 10:59:32 ET
Sometimes I get penis enlargement emails.

     2005-05-22 12:33:32 ET

Add me.

This weekend was really nice.

Bought some cds.
-System of a Down

Ran in to this kid i drunkenly made out with once, that was awkward.

Fun Stuff.

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