2005-06-27 15:08:26 ET

     2005-06-22 14:36:43 ET
Summers going alright.

I tried to dye my hair dark brown. It came out almost black instead. I guess it looks alright. It makes me look even paler.

Todays 2 years since my dad died. Drug overdose. I feel emotionally drained and don't feel like being social today.

Local show on Saturday.


 Quite a Handful    2005-06-08 12:13:37 ET
I was walking down the hall today talking to a friend..and i was using a lot of hand movements, you know. And I accidently grabbed this guys crotch. Only i could manage that. Awkward shit right there.

     2005-06-06 10:32:46 ET
Yeah, so i went into work today...and my boss goes "erm can you work thursday instead" so i had to walk my ass home..ehhh. You would think he could have called.

7 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL. Actually, 3 real days 4 half days because of finals.

     2005-06-03 16:25:45 ET
"hun, i cant even begin to tell you how much i miss you. I've been missing everything about you. Your self cut hair, your crazy style, the cuddles, the over-originality :-P

We need to see eachother soon, I need you Jamie"

I just got this message on myspace, don't know how to respond to that. This guy is amazing though, we went out on and off for 3 years. Just didn't know he still felt that way.

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