All lost in the supermarket    2005-05-18 13:54:59 ET
I got thrown out of class today.

I'm starting to buy concert tickets for the summer. Can't wait.

I'm watching Seinfeld.

Oh what an exciting life.

     2005-05-16 14:15:02 ET
I always manage to make awkward situations worse.

I was talking to these people today whom i used to be very close with. Turns out they have become completly different people. I was good friends with one of them, but a few weeks ago his girlfriend told him he couldnt talk to me anymore. Apparently i had a secret plan to steal him from her (i wore his sweatshirt once, she thought i was gonna go home and sniff it...she actually said that). High school girls suck. This girl is so foccused on being a noncomformist that it makes me sick. But anyway I was talking to that guy today and some other girl and it was sooo awkward. They look at me like they are waiting for me to leave so they can continue having their amazing convo, that im not good enough to hear.

I'm sick of being single. I saw this amazingly beautiful girl today, i've been friends with her for a while..I don't want to overstep the boundaries. My best friend and I used to be an item, but turns out i liked guys more. Ahh High School confusion.

     2005-05-13 12:24:14 ET
Today I brought my strawberry shortcake lunch box to school and ate some hummus. It's the simple things in life.

Oh and Stars Wars comes out May 19, go see it. You know you want to.

 Friggin' in the riggin'    2005-05-11 13:15:44 ET
I suppose I should write something in here. I just started one of these because live journal is boring me.

Lets see, school has sucked recently. I think I make it worse than it could be. My grades are laughable, I bitch out teachers because I'm oh so badass, I've skipped alot these past few weeks. I just can't wait till summer.

I'm grounded untill school lets out. I've had no phone or anything. I guess i deserved it though. Maybe I'll lay off the pot from now on, probably not. I don't learn sometimes.

Anyways, I should take and post new pics soon.

I think I'll update later.

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