The More I Listen To This Song, The More I Like It....    2004-04-21 11:59:58 ET
In France, a skinny man died of a BIG disease
With a little name
By chance his girlfriend came across a needle
And soon she did the same
At home there are 17-year-old boys
And their idea of fun
Is being in a gang called The Disciples
High on crack and totin' a machine gun


Hurricane Annie ripped the ceiling of a church
And killed everyone inside
U turn on the telly and every other story
Is tellin' U somebody died
A sister killed her baby cuz she couldn't afford 2 feed it
And yet we're sending people 2 the moon
In September, my cousin tried reefer 4 the very first time
Now he's doing horse - it's June


It's silly, no?
When a rocket ship explodes and everybody still wants 2 fly
But some say a man ain't happy unless a man truly dies
Oh why?


Baby make a speech, Star Wars fly
Neighbors just shine it on
But if a night falls and a bomb falls
Will anybody see The Dawn?


Is it silly, no?
When a rocket blows and.. and everybody still wants 2 fly
Some say a man ain't happy truly until a man truly dies
Oh why, oh why?
Sign "O" the times


Sign "O" the times mess with your mind
Hurry before it's 2 late
Let's fall in love, get married, have a baby
We'll call him Nate
If it's a boy



Sign o' The Times --- Prince

 So kinda a little freaked out....    2004-04-20 15:24:53 ET
We are under a Tornado Watch at the moment...for anyone who knows know this is bad for me...haha. I'm no good with tornado anything.

To make matters worse, there is more storm coming, but the storm that passed us and went up north has already fucked up a lot. Tornado touch-downs, buildings knocked over, semi's blown off the highway, and when i say 'blown' i mean BLOWN haha.

So yeah i'm a little nervous.......someone come save me...

oh and to make it extra special, gabe is out walkign around looking for applications.

     2004-04-17 18:09:47 ET
Mom came to visit today, she wanted to go shopping. Of course we have no money so she's all "i'm going to buy stuff cause it makes me feel better". so she got me 2 new shirts and a hoodie.

The hoodie I don't have a picture of, but Viola knows which one it is, and that's what matters, it's a hoodie with a little girl that says "leave me alone" ..i had to get the XL cause mom shrunk the other one, so i'm giving my other one, to VIOLA! hehe. (ps that's your surprise)

then i got a tshirt with a picture of a faerie on it from Brian Froud's pictures...i'm going to put a pic up in here, it's the picture that's on the box:

then i got this shirt:

i was going to get this shirt but they didn't have my size, but dammit i WILL have it!!:


 Email From Viola    2004-04-16 17:21:26 ET

1. ...pierce your nose or tongue? prolly my nose, thought about it, but got my lip instead hehe.

2. serious or be funny? funny

3. ...boxers or briefs? how about boxer briefs?

4. ...drink whole or skim milk? 2% so i guess i'd go for skim over whole...whole is too thick


5. ...short or tall? short

6. ...simple or complicated? i'm a nice mix of both.


8. ...egg rolls or chicken? chicken

9. ...grey or gray? Gray

10. ...color or black-and-white photos? black-and-white

12. ...sunrise or sunset? sunset

13. ...M&Ms or Skittles? skittles

14. ...rap or rock? rock

15. ...staying up late or waking up early? Staying up late

16. ...TV or radio? tv

17. ...chocolate or vanilla? vanilla

18. ...using Xs or Os? umm...depends on what i'm spelling.

19. ...water or soda? soda

20. ...eating apples or oranges? apples


21. Do you have a crush? yeah i do

22. Who is it? riiiiight i'm soooo telling that what's the point of them being a crush if they know who they are?

23. hot or cold? cold

24. ...tall members of the opposite sex or short? taller than me

26. ...emeralds or rubies? Rubies

28. ...having 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? 1 best friend

30. ...vanilla ice cream or chocolate? vanilla with chocolate syrup mmmmmm

31. ...soda or pop? pop

32. beans or carrots? green beans

33. ...low fat or fat free? low fat

34-35. What is your biggest fear in the world? making the wrong decisions

36. Kids or no kids? kids...much..much later than now

38. Half empty or half full? did i just drink or just pour?

39. Mustard or ketchup? ketchup

40. Hard cover books or soft cover books? hard

41. Newspaper or magazines? magazines

42. Sandals or sneakers? sandals

43. Wonder or amazement? amazement

44. Red car or white car? Red

45. Happy and poor or sad and rich? happy and poor.

46. Singing or dancing? both

47. Hugging or kissing? with who?

48. Corduroy or plaid? umm..plaid...kilts are nice *nodnod* haha

49. Happy or sad? happy

50. Purple or green? what shade?

51. Blondes, brunettes or red heads? *shrugs* don't much care

52. What time is it? 9:15pm

Name? Natasha

Nicknames: Tasha, Tash, Toast, Sara....etc.

Number of candles on your last bday cake? 22

Pets? Dog

Eye color? blue-ish

Hair color? dark brown with bleached parts

Piercing? ears 3x on both sides and lip


had the drink Calypso Breeze? nope

been in love? yeah

been toilet-papering? nope

loved somebody so much it made you cry? indeed i have

what are your plans for school? i'm still trying to finish

where do you want to live? scotland

what kind of job do you want? a good paying job haha


croutons or bacon bits ? bacon bits

Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper? either

coffee or ice cream? how about coffee ice cream?

Shampoo or Conditioner? shampoo

Adidas or Nike? adidas

WORD ASSOCIATION (first thing that comes to mind)

Flowers? orchid

Green? m&ms

Crying? *bleep*

Peanut butter? reeses

Roses? smell like poo-poo-poo

Spring? nice

Summer? hot

Winter? beautiful


Salad dressing? ranch

Color Socks? white

Song at the moment? hoobastank, the reason

subject in school? history

Non-alcoholic drink? mt.dew or kool-aid

Sport to watch? rugby


When was your last hospital check-in? Feburary 1st 2004

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? prolly just starting my job haha

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? nope

Which single store would you choose to max out your credit card? hot topic

What type of car do you drive now? 2000 mercury cougar

What do you do most often when you are bored? listen to music

What is your favorite kind of clothes? the ones i can't wear *cries*

Are you closed minded? not at all

Are you open minded? DUR.

Are you a player? hahahah riiiiiiiight

Can you be in love with two people at the same time? yes you can

Most Humiliating moment: i'm not sure anymore


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