7 days is all she wrote...
2004-02-27 12:26:02 ET

I could wait till Tuesday,
If I make up my mind,
Wednesday would be fine,
Thursday's on my mind,
Friday'd give me time,
Saturday could wait,
But Sunday'd be too late?"

hehe sorry, just realized..some people may be here in seven days...and i'm really excited about that.

so i had to share...cause i can't hold the excitment in much longer.

*dances around*

2004-02-27 12:26:59 ET

*confused* whos these people???


2004-02-27 12:31:35 ET

ooohhh geee i wonder....you know EXACTLY who the peeeepers are. And I'm not telling mom til the last minute...if I even tell her then..about you coming in haha..mayhaps another surprise *nodnod*

Oma will be here too, so you'll get to see Oma *dances around*

I was going to ask mom to take me to the mall tonight, but she hasn't gotten off work yet...BASTARDS. one of the ladies she works with is lazy as hell and is making mom walk into the closings for her...*grumbles*

2004-02-27 13:06:27 ET

*dances around* YAY OMA, omg,i haven't seen her in FOREVER!! she will indeed be surprised!!

2004-02-27 13:31:39 ET

hehe yup *dances* whoot for surprises :)

2004-02-27 14:17:26 ET

so need to take video camera, LOADS of FILM!!

2004-02-27 14:18:31 ET

yes yes yes!!! and I have a video camera too now !!

2004-02-27 14:19:51 ET

i have said it before, i will say it again,


2004-02-27 14:24:07 ET

hehe yup we rawk

2004-02-27 19:30:05 ET

*cries* *sniff sniff* awww ms. tash i wish i was going to indiana really really baddly!!! :(

2004-02-27 19:43:00 ET

awww i wish you could come too ms sandy *nodnod* i really do, but one day we will meet and hang out and have a party and run around dancing and sprinkling people with glitter and pixie dust *nodnod* yes indeed

2004-02-27 19:44:32 ET

YAY *runs around in circles* ms. tash is on!!!! *sniff Sniff* i thought i had missed you! are you at home right now??? <3

2004-02-28 21:07:56 ET

yes yes i was at home, and still am at home...not too much fun being here, but oh well i'll survive

2004-03-01 18:29:21 ET

home is only fun when you have art to create or people to talk to! ACK! :P

2004-03-04 15:35:21 ET

Im glad im not the only one who knows that song...

2004-03-04 16:08:29 ET

the song i have posted ? :) I know pretty much any Sting song you can throw at me...he's awesome.

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