August 31, 2007 4:18 pm
2007-08-31 11:23:25 ET

I'm hot and tired

Went to work today and then came home and got the insane idea to clean my car

It's a bit over 90 degrees outside, but hey why not right? haha

I did clean the car, vacuum, cleaned windows..etc. Then pulled it back out of the garage and noticed the lovely smears on the windows...screw it I'll fix it when the sun goes down.

Then I came in and thought I could get away with going upstairs and not waking up my dog so I wouldn't have to take her outside yet.

Screw that, she heard me. Damn dog is so old she barely hears anything but she heard me!

So I had to run downstairs, open the back door, then run back upstairs (i'm not kidding when I say run) pick her up and run her back downstairs and then outside.

See she's so old that if there is any hesitation between the point of when you pick her up and get her outside (take too long down the stairs, take too long opening the back door, etc) she'll pee on you and anything else in her path.

So luckily I got her outside without incident but then I decided that I should shower cause I was stinky from the outside cleaning and all that running.

It didn't help, I'm still hot and winded, damn i'm out of shape.

So now I sit here and watch a tv program on BTK (the serial killer) and trying to copy my Heroes dvds for Brad while he is on his way here from KY.

Hope everyone had a great day today ^_^


2007-08-31 16:44:04 ET


2007-08-31 20:30:56 ET


no wait that's wu tang...

^_^ hiya anyhoot

2007-09-01 02:57:29 ET

wu tang 4eva!

2007-09-03 17:12:24 ET

apparently it's also tupac forever

i wanna be as cool as him after i die

2007-09-03 17:13:14 ET

tupac isnt dead. its painfully obvious in many ways that he's not dead. d-:

2007-09-03 17:52:31 ET

it's painfully annoying as well

2007-09-03 17:54:50 ET

na, he's one of the last real rappers left in the mainstream. its sort of funny how he's just blatantly fucking with everyone.

2007-09-04 12:50:24 ET

i'm just waiting for the real comeback...

psych! i been playin all ya'll!

2007-09-04 16:16:06 ET

yeah pretty much...either that or 20 years from now when he's still putting out material maybe people will start figuring it out. i sort of wonder if he's waiting to see how long it takes.

2007-09-04 16:21:41 ET

that's what i'd be doing.

then you could pull a Cartman...

"ha ha ha ha ha ha..I got you kinda"

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