Ta Da
2007-07-29 04:10:41 ET

hey ho
i just joined aaaand i just set up my page, and now i'm gonna go explore. fuck yes. but before i do, enter my first entry:
its sunday and i want to go get wasted, but everyones being a dickhead. plus i gotta go pick up my nan soon. oh lord, kill me and burry me with whisky.

2007-07-29 05:07:31 ET

welcome to sk! you'll find its like crack except arguably healthier. which "k-town" do you live in? cause if its koreatown in los angeles, lets hangout d-:

2007-07-29 05:09:06 ET

Welcome....and...um....may want to tone down the font size...to minimize the amount of broken mouse scroll wheels.

2007-07-29 05:38:20 ET

My oh my, what a large font you have.

Welcome to the asylum, please don't feed the inmates.

2007-07-29 16:07:34 ET

Hey hon! Are you stalking me!?

Welcome to here.

2007-07-29 18:17:57 ET

welcome to sk!

I like the way you started off your first entry. ha, nice.

2007-07-30 13:24:45 ET


2007-08-10 09:23:37 ET

welcome to sk

2007-12-02 15:08:23 ET

heya hun,
welcome to SK <3

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