freezing kitties
2003-01-26 06:29:21 ET

I saw kitties outside freezing on an old chair.
Everytime I tried to bring them inside the house they ran away :(
I even left the door open for a little bit.
I hope their kitty fur is enough to keep them warm.
On a totally different topic, last night made me realize that I really should learn how to make Miso soup.

2003-01-26 21:39:11 ET

Note: kittens do not make good soup. (o_O)

but they do make cute noises and can warm hands and hearts...

i <3 miso soup

2003-02-24 19:15:59 ET

I'm guessing their kitty fur will do the trick. Miso soup; the ocean

2003-02-25 04:27:18 ET

Those poor kittens :( I hope they're ok

2003-02-25 07:58:04 ET

Cats are very resiliant. I saw them outside the other day so they are doing fine.

2003-02-25 09:59:20 ET

yay ^_^

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