11:39 pm - Almost out of the woods
2003-03-05 18:32:04 ET

Last night I met up with Sid at her house to discuss Cervello Elettronico's first music video. It was pretty productive. I just need to find a prop for it. This prop is kind of difficult to find. Next week we start filming.
My hotel in Hollywood is booked. Once again it is close enough to stumble to after a fun night at Perversion. I'll get there the 13th and leave either the 14th or 15th. I haven't really decided. Work has been cool. I'm pretty sure I am not getting laid off. They are axing 18 people. I have seniority over 29 people. I'm safe at least until fall. Damn, I really can't wait until spring. I heard it is supposed to snow again tomorrow. grrrrr

current mood: contemplative
current music: The Cure - Sinking

2003-03-05 18:36:04 ET

Ok..i think i'll be at perv next week then ;)

2003-03-05 18:37:17 ET

See you there then!

2003-03-05 18:38:24 ET

oh! a video, eh? sounds interesting... but what's this prop you're talking about and why is it so hard to find?

2003-03-05 18:42:25 ET

I can't really say at this time...

2003-03-05 18:47:11 ET

i'm so over the fucking snow. and ice. *shakes fist*

2003-03-05 18:55:42 ET

Last year I was begging for it. This year I am CURSING it.

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