D'oh!    2003-10-06 14:37:30 ET
I am an idiot - and/or a gentile, obviously. I went all the way up to school tonight, expecting a class and found nobody there, stunning myself. Why? It's Yom Kippur! (yes...York students get all the Jewish holidays off as well as the statutory ones) So here I am, sitting in the library at a machine with a really REALLY nice flat LCD screen (glad to know that tuition money is going somewhere) wasting some time here so that it appears as if there was some point in my having been here.
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 Here's something else you'll want to see    2003-10-05 17:01:03 ET
The Tanz Mit Laibach video is here!
Very, very cool!

 Get this! Get it now!    2003-09-28 17:35:41 ET
If you haven't already, you all MUST download the short Fanimatrix film at http://www.fanimatrix.net/download.html
It's really excellent for a low-budget production - and besides, a film that required the services of a "Goth Wrangler" (it's in the credits, look for it) has to be good, right? I was impressed. It even does not have a happy ending.

 Silly but cool at the same time    2003-09-27 17:39:53 ET
I WANT THIS SHIRT!!! In black, please!
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 Almost as good as plush Cthulhu    2003-09-19 16:17:25 ET
Get your huggable plush diseases right here!

Yes....I said plush diseases. I think the mono is cute. http://www.giantmicrobes.com/maladies/kissingdisease.html

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