George Bush ruining your appetite? You're not the only one.    2003-09-04 15:25:11 ET
I just thought I had to share this bit of joy which was sent to me. These people are certifiably insane.

 Military "intelligence"    2003-09-04 12:07:05 ET

Look out, Vasa! They might buy some drum machines next. :-P

 Stupid auto "parts"    2003-08-30 23:18:10 ET
Just what your car needed - its own pair of testicles.

 Cheeseburger of Unusual Size    2003-08-28 18:18:18 ET

I think I gained 20 pounds just looking at this.
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     2003-08-19 12:25:43 ET
Ontario's Power at 5 p.m.

Supply: 20,373 MW
Used: 19,180
Spare: 1,193
Source: IMO

Hmmm...perhaps I shouldn't do laundry right when I get home - but I do have to do it, for after today I am out of clean pants and shorts.

The dark at work (since we've turned our lights off) is making me want to sleep. YAWN...

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