NOT getting Gigli wit' it.    2003-07-30 20:04:53 ET
You just KNOW not to see a movie when it has scenes like this:

"Among its biggest problems is a love scene in which Lopez spreads her legs and tells a smoldering Affleck, 'It's turkey time. Gobble, gobble.'" *puke*
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 Go figure!    2003-07-29 08:40:48 ET
Win GAS at Taco Bell. I know I win every time I go.
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 When lawyers have fun    2003-07-28 19:33:37 ET
This is the best legal submission EVER. Most educational.
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 Funny names that have come up so far today    2003-07-28 08:15:28 ET
Richard Titcombe

Randall Badcock

 Today's good deed    2003-07-25 07:51:55 ET
Help an out-of-work paralegal. Sue someone today!


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