Another great musical!    2003-07-24 07:27:19 ET
I am *SO* going to go see this. How can you resist going to see a musical that has as the title of one of it's songs, "Do the Necronomicon"?

 I must get a copy of this!    2003-07-23 12:23:58 ET
Hopefully some kind soul has this on Kazaa.
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 Preventing cancer is fun!    2003-07-16 12:17:08 ET


This is the best line in the article:
"Men have many ways of using their prostate which don't involve women or other men."
Many ways? Hmmm...

 Real Life: The Classic MMORPG    2003-07-13 21:39:35 ET
"Featuring believable characters, plenty of lasting appeal, and a lot of challenge and variety, real life is absolutely recommendable to those who've grown weary of all the cookie-cutter games that have tried to emulate its popularity--or to just about anyone, really."

 A bunch of people with more than just too much time on their hands    2003-07-11 20:46:41 ET
Amazing how the internet can fulfil needs you never even knew you might have. The site below is an excellent example of this. Now, I am not the most organized person in the world, so I fail to see why one would want to keep a record of every time one has an orgasm. Some people do want to do this, I find to my amusement, and they want to make it publicly accessible.
Go figure. Reminiscent of old-school Biomechanic.

Much more beautiful was the rainbow I saw tonight off my balcony - see the picture here

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