Psrtytime!    2003-06-07 19:52:48 ET
I'm just about to prove that the common wisdom of not posting to your journal drunk is true. Unfortunately, I'm here in the kitchen of a friend's place at a party where they have a computer (yes - these fellows are all big time computer geeks!). Much fun has been had so far with drink, cheesecake and clown porn. Yes. Clown porn.

 Martha Stewart indicted    2003-06-04 08:35:13 ET

It's a Good Thing.
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 The poor man's gas chamber    2003-06-02 12:20:59 ET
"When the carbon monoxide content of inhaled air exceeds 1.28%, it will be followed by death within three minutes..."

 When there's no women around to practice with...    2003-05-30 13:20:03 ET
It's the keyboard that helps you with the ladies!,3973,1112012,00.asp

 Good news, bad news    2003-05-28 09:38:14 ET
Some excellent local news to report - a couple of DJs in the industrial scene here have gotten together with some other partners to open a club. I don't expect it will be exclusively industrial/gothic since it's quite a large space and I doubt there's enough business from that to justify it - though I could be wrong. Either way, something new and good in Toronto.

Now for something less fun, but more funny:

Never has a film been made based on less, that I can think of. *sigh*
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